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Contact Global Leads Trading Krewe

PO Box 382
Humble, TX 77347


Due to the high amount of spam that we receive, we have found it necessary to implement anti-spam measures. To bypass our spam filter, the subject of your email to this address must begin with the word, "Dragonfly". The rest of the subject line should be your real subject. The word "Dragonfly" is an arbitrary word that we chose, because it is both easy to remember and not likely to appear as the first word in the subject line of a spam email.

So if you are inquiring about the purchase of D2, the subject of your email might read:

Dragonfly - D2 GOST 305-82 Inquiry

Using this same methodology, an inquiry regarding ultra-low sulfur diesel might read:

Dragonfly / Do you have ULSD available?

The point is that, as long as the first word in the Subject is "Dragonfly" your email will bypass our spam filter. If "Dragonfly" is not the first word in the subject line, then your email will end up in our spam box. Please understand that this has become necessary due to the high volume of spam that we receive.

Thank you for your interest in GLTK.